Salford CAA Summer School

The course is specially designed by Salford-and-CAA collaborative partners, for exploring interdisciplinary learning and practice with a focus on academic and industry connections. The course contains lectures, workshops, onsite study and industry guide tours. 

Students will have a wonderful learning experience at the heart of the UK’s digital and creative zone. Students are encouraged to have an output when they finish the study in Salford and have an on-going interaction with Salford when going back to China. They will take part in creative and experimental workshops in a range of fine art areas, including drawing, photography and digital media. The collaborative workshops are led by specialist lecturers and technicians working at the University of Salford.

This programme also provides a customised language course for Chinese undergraduate students with exercises and an exam to give students self-evaluation of English ability offering the same criteria as IELTS question type and marking standard. A validated score will be certificated and students can use it to apply for a Salford degree programme.

Once you reserved the place, you have the obligation to make the online payment. Once you have registered an email  will be sent to you directly this email will provide you with further information about the travel arrangements and provide you with the payment link. “


New Adelphi University Rd
Salford M5 4BR