Pro Tools fundamentals 101  | AVID

From Your First Steps in Pro Tools to Final Mixdown.


two days 

course description

this course will introduce essential techniques for building sessions, including multi-track recordings of live audio, MIDI sequences and virtual instruments. Using provided course materials, you will learn to navigate sessions and arrange media on tracks, using basic processing and mixing techniques to finalise a production.

Together with the second course in the series, Pro Tools Fundamentals II (PT110), this course provides the foundation training required to prepare for the Avid Certified User: Pro Tools certification exam.

prior experience

no experience with Avid Pro Tools software is required, however an understanding of basic audio, MIDI and multi-track mixing techniques will be beneficial, as will an understanding digital audio equipment such as MIDI controllers and audio interfaces.


this course is designed for both new and experienced Pro Tools users seeking to build a solid foundational understanding of the software.

equipment required
none required.

course dates
this course runs from Saturday 21st September until Sunday 22nd September, each day starting at 10am-5pm. This course runs multiple times per year. Courses typically run 10am – 6pm. Please click “Apply Now” to reserve your place.

course price

course overview

  • Accomplish common audio production tasks          
  • Employ navigation and editing skills in a multi-track Pro Tools document   
  • Incorporate proper recording and mixing techniques for audio and MIDI files in the Pro Tools environment 
  • Analyze and interpret session file structures; Recognise and navigate the user interface and tool set


AVID Certified Pro Tools Instructors

our Pro Tools courses are delivered by Avid Certified Instructors from our team of Recording Technical Demonstrators in the School of Arts & Media. Our recording team are audio professionals, working in studios and production environments both within and outside the University.

if you are interested in this course, but are unable to attend at this time. Please email us at


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