3D RPG game design in Unity

create worlds and adventures

course description

Aimed at the beginner, this course provides the learner with the skillset for designing a basic 3D role-playing game (RPG). Unity 3D is a leading game engine for platforms including Playstation, Xbox, Windows and Mac. After an initial overview of game genres and conventions, the learner will gain hands-on experience in RPG production and publication. All assets required to build the game (models, graphics, audio and movie clips) will be provided, and the learner will acquire a basic understanding of object-oriented programming (OOP) using C# – Unity’s scripting language.

prior experience

None required.

equipment required

New/reformatted (FAT32) external USB HD, or USB thumb drive, with  least 256 GB free space. Participants are welcome to use their own laptops providing the latest versions of Unity 3d and Microsoft Visual Studio are pre-installed.

this course will be of interest to

People who are interested in how games work, game developers who need to know how to manage projects and assets, potential game design students or developers

course dates

This course runs from Monday 20th to Friday 24th January 2020, 10am – 5pm

course price


course overview

  • What is Unity? 
  • Program interface
  • Textures and materials  
  • First Person Controller object.
  •  User Interface design
  • Raycasting – object detection
  •  Prefab objects, Interface feedback. Fonts.
  • Windzones, Skyboxes, basic lighting; day/night simulation
  • Terrain objects 
  • Pick up object (C#), key mapping, basic inventory
  • Quest design – user interface
  • NPC Interaction
  • Basic AI, prefab animation management 
  • Box colliders 
  • Audio and video management
  • Particle systems
  • Start screen and menu navigation,
  • Publishing and platforms.


Marion Tregartha

Marion Tregartha is a creative educator who works with digital interactive spaces, alongside traditional drawing, paint and printmaking media.

She has over 25 years experience in Higher and transnational education working in London, SE and NW England and China.

An Apple Certified Professional (Final Cut Pro and Motion) she is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, an active member of the SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community, and has worked on several Heritage Lottery Projects.



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